Health Guidelines Revision Committee

The Health Guidelines Revision Committee (HGRC) is a select multidisciplinary consensus body of about 100 clinicians, administrators, architects, engineers, and representatives from authorities having jurisdiction that is convened to revise and update the FGI Guidelines documents. As a group, HGRC members are experts on the many issues addressed in the Guidelines.

Participation of individuals with such a wide range of expertise helps make the documents ones that truly reflect a variety of clinical, administrative, engineering, and design concerns and are indeed based on interdisciplinary consensus.

2018 HGRC Steering Committee

2018 HGRC Members

The Residential Guidelines, created with an interdisciplinary volunteer team, is a milestone document created to support the evolution of long-term care environments and to offer consistent guidance for providers, design professionals, and authorities have jurisdiction. The ultimate goal is to provide the framework for environments that support positive resident outcomes.
Jane M. Rohde, AIA, FIIDA, ACHA, AAHID, LEED AP, JSR Associates, Inc.

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