Health Guidelines Revision Committee

The Health Guidelines Revision Committee (HGRC) is a select multidisciplinary consensus body of about 100 clinicians, administrators, architects, engineers, and representatives from authorities having jurisdiction that is convened to revise and update the FGI Guidelines documents. As a group, HGRC members are experts on the many issues addressed in the Guidelines.

Participation of individuals with such a wide range of expertise helps make the documents ones that truly reflect a variety of clinical, administrative, engineering, and design concerns and are indeed based on interdisciplinary consensus.

2018 HGRC Steering Committee

2018 HGRC Members

It’s important that people from many disciplines -- architects, designers, engineers, and clinicians -- get involved in developing the Guidelines because we all come at it from a different perspective. FGI provides a collaborative environment in which to do this work, which is one way we as architects can best serve our clients.
Shannon Kraus, FAIA, FACHA, HKS Architects

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