About the Process

FGI’s Guidelines for Design and Construction documents are updated every four years through a consensus process that includes public input.

Steps in the revision process include:

  1. The public is invited to submit proposed changes to the current Guidelines text.
  2. The Health Guidelines Revision Committee (HGRC) reviews public proposals as well as proposals prepared by HGRC members and subcommittees.
  3. The HGRC votes whether to accept or reject proposals, or accept them with modification.
  4. Drafts of the next edition of the FGI Guidelines are prepared and posted on the FGI website for public review.
  5. The public is invited to submit comments on the recommended changes that have resulted from proposals accepted by the HGRC.
  6. The HGRC considers comments on the draft documents and finalizes the content for the next edition.
  7. A final manuscript is reviewed by the HGRC and submitted to the Steering Committee for final approval.
  8. The next edition of the Guidelines is published.

Find out more details about the 2018 Revision Cycle.


In the development of the 2018 Hospital Guidelines, the Hospital Document Group took a good hard look at the previous document to review, validate, or eliminate language to assure the new document accurately reflects our understanding of what minimum standards are.

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