Sustainable Design Guidelines for Hospitals and Outpatient Facilities: A White Paper

This white paper was prepared as part of the 2014 FGI Guidelines revision process. It provides baseline requirements for building site; energy use; indoor environmental quality; water supply; airborne emissions, effluent, and pollutant controls; materials and resources, […]

Common Mistakes in Designing Psychiatric Hospitals: An Update

Jim Hunt and David Sine This white paper by the authors of the Design Guide for the Built Environment of Behavioral Health Facilities is an expansion and rewrite of their original “Common Mistakes” white paper, which […]

The Future of Health Care as Predicted Using Scenario Planning

In preparation for planning the 2018 Guidelines revision cycle, FGI held two colloquia on the future of health care in the United States, inviting health care leaders to discuss the forces likely to affect the […]

Patient Handling and Movement Assessments

This white paper was written by members of the Specialty Subcommittee on Patient Movement of the 2010 Health Guidelines Revision Committee. It provides information that can be used by those responding to the new requirement […]

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