DoD Report on Pursuing a World-Class System for Health

Final Report of the Independent Review Panel on Military Medical Construction Standards

In 2011 Congress charged the Department of Defense (DoD)’s Military Health System (MHS) with establishing an independent review panel of thought leaders in the health care industry to accomplish the following:

  • Review the military medical construction standards to determine if they were consistent with industry practices and could serve as benchmarks for world-class medical construction.
  • Review DoD construction programs to assess whether the medical construction standards were uniformly applied.
  • Assess DoD’s approach to planning and programming facility improvements.
  • Assess and recommend updates to the medical master plan for the National Capital Region.

The 10-person review panel, comprising health care administrators, architects, clinicians, and a researcher, delivered a final report addressing the items above on September 30, 2015. This document provides 13 findings and recommendations based on the DoD’s medical operations and the changing health care environment for consideration by DoD and MHS leadership. The panel also commented on the DoD standards development process.

“…facilities built or reconfigured based on evidence-based design principles and best practices can enable the DoD’s Military Health System (MHS) to achieve its Quadruple Aim of increased readiness, better care, better health, and lower cost while providing safe, high quality, and accessible health care, and are integral components in the transformation of health care delivery in the MHS.”

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