Beyond Fundamentals

FGI is planning to develop future content that will support the design of health care and residential health, care, and support facilities by offering guidance in two forms.

  • Fundamental requirements (the FGI Guidelines):The fundamental (minimum or baseline) requirements for design and construction of safe, efficient, and effective care environments. (These fundamentals are intended to be used by owners and designers to provide a baseline environment of care in new and renovated health care and residential health, care, and support facilities. The fundamentals are written in code language to facilitate adoption and enforcement of the requirements by state and federal agencies.)
  • Beyond fundamentals (other guidance publications): Performance characteristics or design guidelines that go beyond the fundamental (minimum or baseline) requirements and are considered to be best or recommended practices. (These “beyond fundamental” recommendations are not intended to be used as minimum requirements, nor are they intended to be adopted as code and enforced.)

During the 2018 revision cycle, the Health Guidelines Revision Committee (HGRC) is identifying FGI Guidelines content that may be considered “beyond fundamental.” Once the content for the 2018 edition of the fundamental Guidelines has been finalized, HGRC members will collaborate on content for “beyond fundamentals” publications as we determine how best to publish this information.

Several publications on our website provide guidance that is currently viewed as “beyond fundamental”:

Design Guide for the Built Environment of Behavioral Health Facilities

Sound and Vibration: Design Guidelines for Health Care Facilities

Sustainable Design Guidelines for Hospitals and Outpatient Facilities

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