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The read-only version of the 2010 FGI Guidelines for Design and Construction of  Health Care Facilities has been moved to a new platform. As on the former platform, this read-only digital copy cannot be downloaded or printed and is not searchable. It is a limited-access copy intended for those who wish to preview the document before purchase or who occasionally need to reference the text.

To access the document, start by registering at If you are returning to the read-only copy, please go to the login page for the FGI read-only site.

The read-only version is not intended to be a reference document for daily or weekly use. Therefore, access to read-only content on the new site has been limited to two sessions per month, with 20 page views per session. As the page views are limited, we suggest you review the table of contents before accessing the text to help you find information more directly. To learn more about the read-only version, visit this page on the MADCAD website.

If you find yourself frequently returning to this read-only version of the Guidelines, please note:

Sales of the Guidelines documents are FGI’s only source of revenue to support ongoing development of the Guidelines for Design and Construction as well as our ability to respond to questions on past and current editions and to support research. Therefore, the FGI Board of Directors has decided to limit access to the read-only version to encourage frequent users to purchase a print book or MADCAD subscription version of the 2014 Hospital/Outpatient Guidelines. Site licenses are available for large firms with multiple Guidelines users. Learn more about site licenses and subscriptions (click “site license” or “single user” under the License Type head on the upper left).

We appreciate your support of the work of the Health Guidelines Revision Committee and our mission of developing consensus-based Guidelines for hospitals, outpatient facilities, and residential health, care, and support facilities.

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