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FGI has a new website! Check it out. http://www.fgiguidelines.org

What do you think of FGI’s new brand identity? http://www.fgiguidelines.org

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FGI has lots of resources that help inform the Guidelines. Check them out. http://www.fgiguidelines.org/resources http://www.fgiguidelines.org/resources/

I’m on FGI’s Health Guidelines Revision Committee. See who else is, too! http://www.fgiguidelines.org/revision-process/health-guidelines-revision-committee/hgrc-members-2018-cycle/

Thanks to everyone who gives their time to help revise the FGI Guidelines. http://www.fgiguidelines.org/revision-process/health-guidelines-revision-committee/

Want your voice heard? Find out about the process for revising the FGI Guidelines. http://www.fgiguidelines.org/revision-process/about-the-process/

Check out the latest papers from FGI. http://www.fgiguidelines.org/resources-category/fgi-white-papers/

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