Link to Simulation-Based Tool for Evaluating Mock-Ups Posted

The Health Quality Council of Alberta (HQCA) has developed a simulation-based mock-up tool to support planning and evaluation of health care environment mock-ups. Check this page on the FGI website for more information and a […]

Behavioral Health Design Guide Updated (7.2 edition)

A new edition was issued in late March 2017. The Design Guide for the Built Environment of Behavioral Health Facilities was developed to address the built environment of a general adult inpatient behavioral health care unit. […]

FGI is Publisher of Design Guide for Behavioral Health Facilities

Updated 7.0 edition now available on the FGI website The National Association of Psychiatric Health Systems (NAPHS) and the Facility Guidelines Institute (FGI) are pleased to announce a transfer of the Internet home for the […]

Future of Health Care Report Available

As part of preparation for the 2018 FGI Guidelines revision cycle, the Facility Guidelines Institute held two colloquia to consider trends and forces likely to influence the future of health care in the United States […]

New FGI Guidelines for Residential Care Facilities

A new FGI Guidelines document of standards for the design and construction of residential health, care, and support facilities developed by the Facility Guidelines Institute (FGI) is now available. For the 2014 edition, the content […]

2014 FGI Guidelines Includes Major Changes From Previous Edition

A new edition of important guidelines for the design and construction of hospitals and other health care facilities is now available and includes a number of major changes from the previous edition of this industry […]

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