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A Case for the Low-Acuity Patient Treatment Station: Reducing the Length of Stay for Emergency Department Visits

Bryan Langlands, David Vincent, and Christine Carr

As busy emergency departments face significant space constraints, health care organizations are looking for ways to optimize space use and still provide safe, effective patient care. In this white paper, the authors propose use of a low-acuity patient treatment station to address this issue. Diagrams are included. (2018)

Checklist for Designing a Geriatric Treatment Room in the Emergency Department

Kathryn Gallagher

This checklist was created to provide a quick reference for designing emergency department treatment rooms that meet the specialized needs of older adults. It can also be used to conduct a quick evaluation of patient care locations in an existing emergency department or facility. (2018)

Testing Sustainable Flooring: A Johns Hopkins Health Systems Report

Teri Lura Bennett

Using the 2014 edition of the FGI Hospital/Outpatient Guidelines as one resource to structure a test protocol and process, the Johns Hopkins Health System undertook research intended to improve the performance, safety, and cost-efficiency of flooring materials and flooring care. This report provides a snapshot of the conditions encountered during the 2014–15 study period and a summary of the project team’s recommendations. (2018)

Responses to Questions about Applying the Guidelines

Responses to some requests for an advisory opinion regarding application of the Guidelines requirements are provided as part of the Beyond Fundamentals program. (2018)

FGI Study of Clearances Needed to Provide Safe Care for Patients of Size

During the 2018 Guidelines revision cycle, members of the FGI Bariatric Accommodations Topic Group gathered in person to assess the clearances needed for safe patient handling and transportation of patients of size. Using a mock-up of a patient room and a patient toilet room, the group determined  needed clearances for use of patient lifts and for transporting patients on gurneys and beds. Identified clearances were used to update Guidelines requirements for areas where patients of size are cared for. (2016)

Common Mistakes in Designing Psychiatric Hospitals: An Update

Jim Hunt and David Sine

This white paper by the authors of the Design Guide for the Built Environment of Behavioral Health Facilities includes a risk assessment matrix to use in planning behavioral health spaces. (2015)

The Future of Health Care as Predicted Using Scenario Planning

In preparation for the 2018 Guidelines revision cycle, FGI held two colloquia on the future of health care in the United States, inviting health care leaders to discuss the forces likely to affect the future of health care delivery in and how anticipated changes in the delivery of care might affect health care facilities. The report includes a summary of the four futures predicted by the group. (2015)

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