Beyond Fundamentals

Welcome to Beyond Fundamentals! Conceived as a way to stay current with trends that will impact health care facility design, this resource library goes beyond the fundamental design and construction Guidelines requirements for which FGI is known. The Beyond Fundamentals digital library features new and unique content that reaches beyond the minimum requirements to reflect the latest health care design thinking in the form of best practices, design recommendations, evidence-based research, and new applications of technology.

Although FGI will continue to provide resources that are freely accessible to everyone, Beyond Fundamentals content will be available only to subscribers. The Beyond Fundamentals content will be updated and supplemented continually, unlike the FGI Guidelines for Design and Construction documents, which are static documents published every four years.

With the Beyond Fundamentals, you will enjoy exclusive access to a growing collection of health care design resources, including white papers and reports, checklists, design recommendations in response to emerging trends in practice, and access to the experiences of industry change-makers and advocates for person-centered health care solutions.

Here’s a sampling of what FGI has planned for the Beyond Fundamentals resource library in 2018:

  • Checklist for evaluating and providing accommodations for geriatric patients in emergency departments
  • Guidance for providing low-acuity patient treatment pods in the emergency department and suggested Guidelines text for the 2022 edition
  • A white paper on the design of hybrid operating rooms
  • White papers, tools, and webinars on applying the Guidelines
  • Design insights for palliative care settings
  • An explanation of how to create a functional program
  • Updated white paper on the PHAMA (patient handling and movement assessment)

Subscribers support FGI’s efforts to develop and maintain consensus-based guidelines, fund research, and publish emerging knowledge and innovations that advance the quality of health care not only nationally, but around the world. FGI is the authoritative voice guiding industry to advance and create systems, facilities, and communities to aid and improve the health and well-being of people in all geographic regions and of all socioeconomic means.

Who is subscribing to Beyond Fundamentals?
  • Architects
  • Authorities having jurisdiction
  • Consultants
  • Designers
  • Researchers
  • Industry standard advocates
  • Product manufacturers
  • Educators
  • Health care providers
  • Health care administrators
  • Facility managers
  • Providers of residential health, care, and support facilities
  • Providers and owners of senior-focused communities
How do I access the Beyond Fundamentals resource library?

Good news! A subscription to Beyond Fundamentals is included with an annual single-user license or site license for all 2018 Guidelines documents through MADCAD and offered to others as a $25 per year subscription.

Join the community reaching beyond fundamental design and construction standards to improve quality of life for millions. To subscribe, please visit

Beyond Fundamentals Library

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