Mission & Vision


Establish and promote consensus-based guidelines and publications, advised by research, to advance quality health care.


FGI will be the leader in guiding the development of the health care built environment.

Goals and Objectives

The main objectives of FGI are (1) to see that the Guidelines is reviewed and revised on a regular cycle with a consensus process carried out by a multidisciplinary group of experts from the federal, state, and private sectors; (2) to stimulate research in support of evidence-based guidelines; and (3) to reinvest all of the net revenue derived from FGI’s share from the sale of Guidelines documents in research and development for improved future editions of the Guidelines.

FGI is primarily interested in consensus methodology and in overseeing the Guidelines revision process. Specifically, FGI wants to make sure the Health Guidelines Revision Committee

  • is properly funded,
  • has a balance of stakeholder representation from individuals with expertise or jurisdiction,
  • uses the consensus process,
  • requests public input in the form of proposals for change and comments on proposed changes,
  • reviews and revises the Guidelines on a timely basis to maintain a balance between minimum standards and the state of the art in design and construction of health and residential care facilities, and
  • operates under a formal set of bylaws governing its purpose, scope, membership, and goals that include standing rules governing voting procedures, recognized duties and responsibilities for committee members, and established rules regarding appointments, terms, and officers.

FGI monitors public requests for interpretation of the Guidelines text. Goals are to make sure requests are answered in a timely manner, interpretations are rendered by the individuals best equipped to reflect the intent of the HGRC when the document was written, and interpretations are made available to the public.

In the development of the 2018 Hospital Guidelines, the Hospital Document Group took a good hard look at the previous document to review, validate, or eliminate language to assure the new document accurately reflects our understanding of what minimum standards are.

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